Sound Therapy

This is a short introduction to Sound Therapy and how it can restore health through bringing the body into deep states of relaxation.

Everything exists as a vibration. This is not a new idea, ancient mystics have known this for a long time. Scientists are now beginning to understand this theory. All things are in motion, are vibrating therefore if it is vibrating it is putting out a sound. Depending on the rate at which that vibration occurs it may give rise to audible sound.

Resonance is an objects natural vibratory rate. One of the basic principals of using sound as a transformative modality is that every organ, bone, tissue, system has it’s own unique rate of vibration (frequency). This is measured in Hz previously known as CPS cycles per second.

The body in a state of health emits an overall harmonic of health. As a result of having stress and negativity in our lives blockages occur in our energy channels disrupting the smooth flow of energy. Consequently this creates areas that will emit a frequency out of synch with the whole. A disharmony that we call disease follows.

It is now widely accepted that the majority of health challenges are stress related. Therefore treatment methodologies like sound therapy that enable a person to achieve an altered state of consciousness like deep relaxation can be a very effective way to prevent health challenges from occurring and to assist individuals on their return journey back to health.

Sound Therapy is transformative

Curing focuses on symptoms and is designed to make the problem go away with no insights gained. “True healing embraces the problem as a way of integrating and being transformed by it”. ” Although healing often includes alleviating or eliminating symptoms, in contrast to curing, it is a body-mind-spirit phenomenon involving an increase in awareness.” Sol Luckman

The basis of sound therapy is to restore harmony to the area of the body that is vibrating out of tune. Sound therapy is a natural, gentle and non invasive form of vibrational energy medicine.

Sound Therapists use sound therapy tools eg. drums, Himalayan bowls, voice, tuning forks to project sound waves into a persons energy field and physical body. As a result the relaxation response is stimulated, a persons brainwaves are brought into an alpha state of calm relaxation. Sound therapy induces a state of deep relaxation.

Through expanding our level of consciousness with sound waves we can be affected in all sorts of ways. Above all beliefs, thought patterns, stagnant energy and deep seated issues can all be transformed. We can be more compassionate and loving to ourselves and others. We can be prompted to alter our lifestyle and life’s work.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

  • Deep state of relaxation,
  • Restful sleep
  • soothes the nervous system, calmness, inner peace
  • a balanced unimpeded flow of energy
  • Energizes and revitalizes, uplifts our spirit
  • Balanced left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Increased flexibility
  • Stimulates a self healing process
  • Improved health and wellbeing on all levels

Tuning fork therapy


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The treatment was well explained. I loved the bowls and the vibration of them on my body. I found the experience quite profound, very relaxing, soothing and spiritually enhancing. Pamela

I loved the sound of the drums and the different beats brought out different experiences in my whole person. The treatments have been very beneficial in that I feel more calm and relaxed, I am sleeping better and I am having respite from the pain in my right knee. Anne

I feel I have benefitted from drum therapy. I am mentally more focused , calmer and more organised with my daily life. Spiritually I have been a lot more thoughtful of myself and the decisions I make. I have discovered things about myself through sound therapy. Jenny

Sound Therapy has definitely been positive for me, I feel more focused on my goals of being more organised and making the most of my time. Physically the experience relaxes me but it also leaves me more emotionally balanced. I would definitely recommend sound therapy. Kathryn

The consultation is very thorough and professional. The treatment is well explained. I find all the sounds very different, interesting and pleasurable especially the bowls and voice. I always feel better after the sessions and chanting at home with my own bowl has allowed me time for myself and self healing. Jackie