Metatronia Therapy

Metatronia Therapy unites and connects us to divine One Source energy through connection with Archangel Metatron who brings unique coding’s of light, colour and sacred geometric shapes. Experiencing this energy can assist you with healing, personal and spiritual growth and support you in your unique awakening journey.

Metatronia Therapy is similar to Reiki in that it channels universal life force energy however it is at a much higher, finer and purer vibrational level and really goes to the heart and heals on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bringing balance, healing and alignment where it is needed.

During a  Metatronia Therapy session Archangel Metatron downloads coding’s of light, colour and geometric shapes that are beneficial for you at this time.

Benefits of Metatronia Therapy;

  • energizing
  • improved sleep
  • reduction in pain and inflammation
  • dissolves distorted thought patterns
  • removal of heavy stuck energy, trauma, blocks to our growth and vitality
  • chakra rebalancing, realignment, clearing
  • brings vibrational change at a cellular level, in DNA/RNA
  • Relief of anxiety, tension and stress related symptoms
  • Increased awareness of oneness / unity consciousness.
  • reduction in the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • help in the treatment of minor ailments through to serious health challenges.

” Archangel Metatron opens us up to this transformational vibration, assisting us to expand, awaken and evolve.”

Following a Metatronia Therapy session you may begin to notice that aspects of the self begin to alter as your vibration and frequency are raised from the alignment that Metatron facilitates. Your awareness expands and shifts can be life changing. You will continue to feel shifts, alignment and clearing beyond the session/s. You may start to experience a new outlook, have new perspective’s on certain areas of your life. – Tammy L Majchrzak (founder)

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While Chris starts to bring the energy in I instantly experience vibrant and interchanging blasts of colour with abstract shapes. I relax and find myself drifting and reaching  a deeper place. I find myself in beautiful countryside spending time with my youngest Grandson. I feel a wave of energy around my solar plexus on three occasions, the latter being more dramatic, I place my hand over this chakra and release a burst of laughter, this is  accompanied  with a burst of bright yellow. During the last part of the session I continually yawn deeper and deeper as I let go. A wonderful healing. Thank you Chris. It has had a positive effect and I am thriving! Angela