Frame Drums

I hand craft frame drums to assist people on their own personal journey’s with sound therapy, shamanic work, ceremony, ritual or for the simple joy of playing a rhythm instrument. Frame drums can also be used by Shamanic practitioners, Sound Therapists, Energy Healers, Ceremonialist’s for using in their work of service to others.

I work with ethically sourced hides, red deer hide comes from a managed red deer herd in the Lake District. Horse hide I buy from Barr Head Leathers Scotland. I source hoop frames online which are available in different woods. Multiple sided frames I make myself from pine wood.

Whilst creating a frame drum I work within sacred space with gratitude, respect and honour for the spirit of the animal and the tree who have gifted parts of themselves for the drum being birthed. I like to birth my frame drums in nature where I feel a greater connection to the elements and where I feel a greater sense of being connected to all of life. I work with the intention of creating a frame drum for Spirit to work through.

I hope my passion for my work is reflected in my drums.

Purchasing a frame drum

If you are looking for a drum to use in your Shamanic Practice, Sound Therapy work or healing journey and you would like to become a caretaker for a drum I have crafted please contact me to ask which drums I have available or to ask regarding having a drum created to your own specifications. I create drums that are 13″, 14″, 16″, 18″. Prices may vary slightly due to some drums needing more work ie. painting/staining the frame, adding leather to the handle. Your drum will come with a leather beater and guidance for caring for your drum.

If you would like to travel to Carlisle to see and play the drums that I have then you are welcome to do so by arrangement only.

I will post within the UK only. postage costs given when ordered.

Payment by PayPal or cash on collection.

Returns and exchanges

After playing and being with your drum you may decide that you are not connecting with the drum. It is not what you were looking for, therefore if you are at all unhappy with the drum you have received

  • contact me within 7 days of receiving your drum.
  • ship the drum back within 10 days of delivery, paying for return postage.
  • when I receive the drum (undamaged) I will refund your money.

Horse skin drums I have available now.

Deer Skin Drums

What people say about my drums:

I bought two of Chris’s beautiful drums recently, they offer me two distinct tones to work with. The larger 18″ tone has a rich deep resonance which I find exceptionally good for grounding work with individuals. The very full sounds produced are effective when working with larger groups and in large spaces. The 16″ drum has a wonderful versatile tone. Both drums are carefully made with quality materials, they are comfortable to handle and work with and Chris gives fine attention to detail. If you are thinking of purchasing a skin drum I would definitely recommend chatting with Chris about what you require. She offers valuable advice to help you decide on the type of drum that will best meet your needs. – Susan

I have been receiving drum therapy sessions from Chris. The sound of the drum has a very positive effect on me, I find it very soothing and therapeutic. I decided I would like a drum of my own, Chris had various sizes for me to try. I wanted to take mine camping so I requested a 13″ drum. My drum is beautiful, very comfortable to hold and the tone it has is something else! Everything about it felt right. My Granddaughter suffers from mental health issues and can easily loose herself in music, percussion and song. We drum for each other, inventing rhythms, imitating animals and sharing lots of fun! We both say a big thank you to Chris for creating a drum for me that is very special and for improving our well being ten fold! – Jenny & Lily.

Chris made the most beautiful frame drum for me after speaking at length as to what my requirements were. My drum duly arrived and she has the most beautiful timbre and feel. I use her often for rituals and also in drum circle. She has been much admired! The service Chris offers is second to none. Everything was as promised from making through to delivery. I would highly recommend Chris and her creativity. I feel a second purchase coming on! – Carole.

A beautiful drum. I’m very happy. Thank you Chris! – O.T Cumbia

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