Frequently asked questions for Sound therapy or Metatronia therapy.


What is the length of a treatment

90 minutes is recommended for your first appointment so we can clarify the various issues to be addressed.

Follow up treatment’s will be 60 minutes

What happens during a session?

During a sound therapy treatment the client lies fully clothed on a couch.

I create a treatment specific for the intention you set for your sound session and for the imbalances shown to me by the use of a dowsing pendulum or the instruments themselves. 

Instruments are played close to your body or further away in your energy field. Himalayan bowls may be placed on your body. Vocal tones eg. vowels may be sounded into your body or a chant or Sanskrit mantra may be used.

Tuning forks are played within your energy field to assess where energy is blocked or deficient and to correct energy imbalance. They can also be played next to your ears or placed on your body to release tension and blocked energy. 

Other sound instruments may be used at the end of the session for ensuring you feel grounded. Your body will absorb as much of the sound vibrations as you need at the time.

Each person experiences the energy of Sound differently. You may or may not feel sensations during the treatment depending on your sensitivity. Sensations that you may feel are heat, cold, tingling, a flow of energy. Some people experience seeing colours, imagery whilst others have an emotional response indicating that energy is shifting. A common response is a feeling of deep relaxation with short periods of sleep.

During a Metatronia Therapy treatment the client lies fully clothed on a therapy couch and receives hands on healing.

How many treatments will I need?

Sound Therapy is great for activating your own self healing systems. Sometimes there can be dramatic improvement in only one or two sessions but a series of three sessions would be recommended for you to become aware of where you may need to make some changes in your life and to take action to bring about a positive outcome in your health and wellbeing..

If disease is not present Sound Therapy will enhance the functionality of your body, mind and spirit so enabling you to live a healthier, more balanced and fulfilling life.

For Metatronia Therapy it is left up to the client to decide what is right for them regarding how many treatments to have and how frequent to have them, it is recommended to leave 30 days in between sessions.

Does energy healing complement other therapies?

Sound Therapy and Metatronia Therapy is complementary to and enhances the positive effects of all systems of health care and healing including orthodox medicine. These treatments do not replace treatments you are receiving from your medical doctor.

Are there any side effects?

Some clients may experience a short period after their first session of feeling tired or feeling ‘out of sorts’ as toxins and unresolved energy’s are brought to the surface for clearing. This is a natural healing response.


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