Energy Healing

img0077A universal life force energy sustains and nourishes all living things. This life force or intelligent power, known as prana, chi, ki connects all things together. 

We take this energy into our physical bodies and also draw it into our energy field. Its flow and strength dictates our health and wellbeing.

An ‘invisible’ energy field surrounds all living things to protect it’s universal life force energy.

The chakra system, energetic pathways called meridians and the seven layers of the aura are part of this energy field. 

“This energy body – only recently verified by science – is the starting point of all illness.” Barbara Ann Brenan. Hands of Light

Chakra’s store and conduct energy. They also act as a purification system, purifying and refining our energy. Each chakra has it’s own particular nature and characteristics. 

The chakra system is like a ladder that takes us from the physical realm of substance up through the workings of the higher mind and spirit and into the realm of divine consciousness.” AmbikA Wauters

The natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and vitality. When a persons energy field is healthy and free from disturbances their life force energy will be high and they will exhibit good health on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Tension, depleted vitality, ill health and dis-ease manifests when the flow of energy within this field becomes weak, unbalanced, sluggish or blocked.

An energy healer senses and works to correct these disturbances, by releasing blocks, balancing and easing energy flow throughout the physical and energetic bodies. This rebalancing and realigning replenishes cells, organs and promotes mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual wellbeing.

Healing work may also serve to prevent future dis-ease by treating  energetic disturbances in a persons energy field which might result in illness should they remain untreated.

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our health imbalances can be our greatest teachers, guiding us to where we need to make changes in our lives.