Chris Cartwright

DSCF1803 (2)Welcome!

I am Chris Cartwright, I am a healer working as a Sound Therapist and Metatronia Therapist in Cumbria. I also make shamanic frame drums. 

Dis-ease and the process of bringing  balance, harmony and healing back to the body on all levels has interested me for a long time.

In 1985 I completed my training as a SRN at the Cumberland Infirmary.

Due to my own health challenge of having eczema for many years I  explored complementary therapies, feeling that orthodox medicine did not have answers to heal chronic health issues. Homeopathic treatment at  Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital was very successful for me. As a result I trained to be a Homeopath at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy graduating in 2003. Homeopathy has helped me, my family, friends and pets greatly over the years.

Level one and two Reiki Attunement’s were gifted to me in 2002 thus beginning my journey as a  hands on healer. The Master Practitioner Attunement I received in 2011. I chose to study Chios Energy Healing and it’s techniques successfully completing levels 1 and 2.

In April 2019 I received my level 1 Attunement for Metatronia Therapy  from Tammy Majchrzak who is the founder of Metatronia Therapy. This has brought a lot of releasing and re-aligning for myself and continues to open up new opportunities for me as a healer to grow and to be of service.

For a number of years I have had an interest in using sound as a healing modality. In November 2016 I completed my Practitioners Diploma in Tuning Fork Therapy with the Colour Of Sound Institute. I have then gone on to complete a Diploma in Sound Therapy with Jane Ford-Ferrand in Durham in December 2019. The focus of the course was on the use of  voice, Himalayan singing bowls and drums.

I am very much looking forward to continuing my  journey as a Sound and Metatronia therapist both for my own growth and development and in assisting other’s on their personal journey’s.

I feel very privileged to accompany and support individuals on their healing journey’s and to help empower them to take a more active role in their own healing process.

I have always been a hands-on person and loved to create things. My creativity has taken many  forms over the years! The latest being wood carving, drawing geometric shapes and making frame drums and rattles for my healing work. If you are looking to be a caretaker of a beautiful drum you will find pictures and information on the drum page. 

In the summer I am busy in our allotment or out enjoying the great outdoors with my husband and our dog Sam. We love to hike, wild swim, kayak and have recently started to do some bird watching. My favourite holiday destination is the Scottish Isles and the West coast of Scotland.